Easter Holidays

Over the next 2 weeks it is officially the Easter Holidays. This means that all staff will be taking a well earned break from setting work, marking work and connecting with our Little Paxton family over Dojo, Google classroom and zoom. Staff will not be responding to emails or messages over the next 2 weeks.

We do know that it is an uncertain and difficult time for many people so if you do find yourself struggling with the unexpected challenged this virus has given us you can get in touch with us using these emergency contact details …

Ring us on the school mobile: (this will be on during Easter working hours of 8am till 4pm) – 07510255923

Email us: concernlpps@gmail.com

We will do out best to support you but may point you in the direction of outside agencies if necessary. Here is a link to a document which contains some helpful websites and phone numbers.

Whilst we are not setting work over the next 2 weeks we have found some activities that you might enjoy doing over the next 2 weeks. There is no pressure to do any of them but we wanted to ensure there was help if you needed it.

Ideas for fun things to do this Easter

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How to make a mini nature reserve

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Easter Holidays Challenges

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