Keeping Children Safe

At Little Paxton Primary School we believe that a caring school promotes the welfare, health, safety and guidance of every child and adult in our school family. This commitment is unchanging in the case of our closure.

If you have any concerns about any family or child’s well-being, you can make us aware of your concern via this new e-mail address:

 Please be aware that the school’s Safeguarding Leaders may make contact with you, but will treat any concern raised with the strictest confidentiality. 

Please be aware that if your child or family is currently within a category of safeguarding e.g. Early Help, Early Help Plus, Child in Need etc. we will be making contact with you during the closure period. This may be over the phone and may also be in home visits where doorstep contact with your children may be requested. Please note that this is as part of our desire to ensure you are supported effectively whilst your child is not in school.

Comprehensive Safeguarding Information can be viewed here.