Year 2

Welcome to the Year Two page which we hope will support you in times of self-isolation or closure. If you need any help, please e-mail us – We will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible. 

Goldfinch and Dove class

Due to school closure, we have set up work for the children to complete at home, so they do not lose out on their learning. 

The children each have a pack, with an exercise book, a ruler, some creative writing prompts, an activity menu, reading comprehension questions, spelling words, common exception word mat, Maths arithmetic sheet and some Maths reasoning questions. 

We recommend you choose one English activity, whether it be creative writing or reading comprehension, one Maths activity and an activity of your choice. We also recommend that you complete a spelling/handwriting each day. Please record any work you do at home in the exercise book provided.  

The children will hopefully have a log in for Purple Mash, this website allows children to complete set activities by us. Please check this daily. We will keep you updated if we post any work on Purple Mash via dojo. If we are unable to set a task on Purple Mash, we will update Dojo with new work for the children. 

The children will also be given 2 school reading books for their level. Please read these books a couple of times and work on comprehension questions with you child.  Once they have done this, if you google oxford owl free online books and register as a parent you will be able to access free online books for your child’s book band. 

Also another great resource your children can use is Times Table Rock Stars which they children have their own log in for. They can use this to support their multiplication and division learning. 

There are other websites the children can use: (the children can see a picture a day here where they can write short narratives using capital letters, finger spaces, conjunctions (but, and, or, because, if, when), adjectives, adverbs (slowly quickly), prepositions(under, through, above) and full stops/exclamation marks/question marks. The picture could be printed off or the name of the picture could be written at the top of the page in their books.

The spellings can be found below which the children can use to support their practice and handwriting. Please also use the common exception word list to practice their spelling and handwriting. 

Activity Packs:

Maths resources from White Rose Maths