School Meals


Our new school meal providers are Edwards & Blake. –

Edwards & Blake are delighted to be providing the catering services at

Little Paxton Primary School

 We are a leading contract caterer and since 1998 we’ve

put food quality at the heart of all we do with fresh, healthy, nutritious ingredients

at the core of our business from day one. We’re passionate about great quality

food, local sourcing, excellent service, driving innovation and delivering great

value to our clients and pupils. Our food is freshly cooked every day in the

kitchens in which we operate and we strive to make every mealtime experience

delicious, nutritious and fun!

 There is a three-weekly cycle of meals which promotes and encourages healthy eating and follows guidance on Nutritional Standards for School Lunches.

All Key Stage 1 children are entitled to a paid school meal (at no cost to the parent). This is called Universal Infant Free School Meals.

Key Stage 2 children’s meals will cost £2.30 per day per child and must be paid for in advance.  If a dinner has been booked but your Key Stage 2 child goes home e.g. poorly, after 11am on that day, then the meal unfortunately will still be charged to the parent/carer as the kitchen will have prepared it.  Children are also able to bring in a packed lunch but parents and carers should be aware that there is no cold storage facility.  Please ensure that either iceblocks or suitable food is supplied.

School meal payments can be made by cash/cheque in a named envelope via the class teacher or via our online payment system School Gateway  –

You could be eligible for “Free School meals” Making your life easier!  To check if you are claiming an eligible benefit or to apply visit the county website at or call 01480 372307 or 372308.

School meals from September 2018

Price for one meal is £2.30
One Week £11.50
Second Half Term £69.00 30 days 25/02-05/04
1st Half Term £52.90 23 days 23/04-24/05
Whole Term £138.00
Second Half Term £85.10 36 days 03/06-24/07

Playtime Snacks We are signed up to the Health Promoting Schools Initiative. As part of this we have a healthy eating policy.  Sweets, biscuits and crisps are not allowed to be eaten at break-times.  A piece of fruit is quite acceptable as an alternative. We participate in the County Initiative of offering a free piece of fruit or vegetable each morning break for our Key Stage 1 and Foundation pupils. In addition to this our foundation children receive a drink of milk free each morning as part of the COOLMILK scheme.