Little Paxton School Association

We are very fortunate to have a well established, well organised and committed group of parents and friends known as the Little Paxton School Association (LPSA). The aims of the School Association, as laid down in its constitution, are to advance the education of the pupils and extend relationships between staff, parents and the community of Little Paxton as a whole.

The Association is involved in fundraising activities, which enrich the school with extra resources that we would not otherwise be able to afford.  All parents and guardians of children at the school are deemed to be members of the School Association. A committee is elected each Autumn Term.
The LPSA had raised over £10,000 over the years and much of this has already been used for the benefit of our children with   payments for refurbishing the children’s  kitchen, steel drums, presents for our Year 6 leavers,  books to aid dyslexia,  funding theatre groups and educational groups to come in to school, mothers day and father’s day gift shops, a never ending cycle of fun and fundraising.

The small but dedicated team of parents have made a fantastic effort throughout the years.  They recognised that many parents lead very busy lives and are not able to give time during the day.  The school would not want any parent to feel obliged to give their services but we do hope that all parents continue to show an active  interest in their childrens’ school life whilst they are with us.

Even a few hours of your time would make a difference, please come and join in.

The more who attend = the more we raise = the more the school benefits!