Governor Meeting Minutes

The Clerk is present at all meetings to take notes of all discussions and decisions. These notes are then written up as draft minutes. The full Governing Body will review the draft minutes of all meetings (both full Governors and Committee meetings) at its next scheduled meeting and, after considering any suggested amendments, approve the minutes for publication. The approved minutes will then be posted on this page of the school website as soon as practicable thereafter.

A file of signed minutes is available from the school office for you to view if you wish or you may request printed copies from the school office. The only exception is for confidential minutes (those which include details which would enable identification of an individual) which are restricted and not available to the public.

Minutes for the current and preceding school year can be found below. If you wish to view minutes for previous years please ask at the school office.

Full Governing Body minutes

FGB minutes 1.10.18 Approved

FGB minutes 3.12.18 Approved

FGB Minutes 4.3.19 Approved

FGB minutes 29.4.19 Approved


FGB minutes 8.7.19 Approved

FGB minutes 30.9.19 Approved

Committee minutes are available below:

Curriculum & Standards Committee Minutes

C&S Minutes 17.09.18 Approved

C&S Minutes 21.01.19 Approved

C&S Minutes 01-04-19 Approved                  Pupil Premium presentation 01.04.19 Approved

C&S minutes 3-6-19 Approved                       Curriculum Presentation 03.06.19

C&S minutes 16-9-19 Approved

In September 2019 the Governing Body decided to change its committee structure. In previous years there had been four committees: Curriculum & Standards, Site & Buildings, Finance and Personnel. The last three of these met one after another on one evening (whilst the Curriculum & Standards Committee met on a separate evening). Increasingly, we had found it necessary for two of the three committees to meet concurrently. This, coupled with some recruitment issues, led us to decide to amalgamate these three committees into one: the Resources Committee. Minutes for the Resources Committee are posted below. Minutes for the three separate committees that existed prior to September 2019 are shown for reference.

Resources Committee Minutes

Resources Committee minutes 14.10.19 Approved

Personnel Committee Minutes

Personnel minutes 15.10.18 Approved

Personnel Minutes 28-01-19 Approved

Personnel minutes 25-3-19 Approved

Personnel Minutes 24-6-19 Approved

Finance Committee Minutes

Finance minutes 15.10.18 Approved

Finance Minutes 28-01-19 Approved

Finance minutes 25.03.19 Approved

Finance minutes 24.06.19 Approved

Sites & Building Committee Minutes

S & B Minutes 15.10.18 Approved

S&B Minutes 28-01-19 Approved

S&B Minutes 25-03-19 Approved

S&B minutes 24-6-19 Approved