Special Educational Needs


At Little Paxton Primary School Teachers provide differentiated learning opportunities for all the children within the school and provide materials appropriate to children’s interests and abilities. This ensures that all children have a full access to the school curriculum.

Special Educational Need (SEN) may be an explanation for delayed or slower progress but is not an excuse, and we make every effort to narrow the gap in attainment between vulnerable groups of learners and others. This ensures all groups of learners can reach their full potential.

All Teachers are teachers of children with Special Educational Needs.  Liaising with the SENCO class teachers identify and provide for the needs of all vulnerable learners in their teaching groups by:

  • securing good provision and good outcomes for all groups of vulnerable learners by :
  • providing differentiated teaching and learning opportunities, including differentiated work for EAL pupils which reduces linguistic difficulty whilst maintaining cognitive challenge
  • ensuring there is adequate opportunity for pupils with special educational needs to work on agreed targets which are genuinely “additional to” or “different from” the educational provision made generally for children of their age in schools maintained by the LA, other than special schools, in their area.
  • ensuring effective deployment of resources – including teaching assistant support – to maximise outcomes for all groups of vulnerable learners.

It is our responsibility in school to sign post Parents and Carers to further information about SEN and disability.    The school’s SEN Information Report is intended to provide information about the provision that is in place for pupils with SEN and disability at Little Paxton.

Our updated SEN Information Report for 2018/2019 can be viewed here: SEN information Report 2018-19 and our SEN leaflet can be viewed here:-SEN Support leaflet lps

We are currently working in partnership with parents to co-produce this document to ensure it contains the kind of  information on SEND that is relevant for those who access it. We hope to update our SEN Information Report later in the year detailing some of these changes.  If you are a parent reading this we would welcome your feedback on our SEN Information Report.  Any comments can be sent to the SENCo, sengland@littlepaxton.cambs.sch.uk. 

To view our SEN policy which sets our our aims, values and principles for SEN at Little Paxton please click here:-  Inclusion Policy 2014 Inclusion Policy Appendices 2014

As the County website details, “The “Local Offer” is Cambridgeshire County Council’s published overview of how children and young people aged 0 – 25 who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are supported”.  The Local Offer can be viewed here: Local Offer

The Department for Education (DfE) updated the new Code of Practice in January 2015.  As a school we must have regard to this when making decisions about pupils with SEND:- SEND Code of Practice 2015

There is also a guide for Parents and Carers about the SEN Code of Practice available here: Guide for Parents and Carers

For further information about SEND provision at Little Paxton School.  Please contact the SENCo, Sam England on 01480 375 600 or email sengland@littlepaxton.cambs.sch.uk.



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