NickieMrs N Moore

Mrs N Moore is our Headteacher, educational visits Co-ordinator and whole school Assessment Co-ordinator.

Mrs R Jenkins

Mrs R Jenkins is one of our Deputy Heads, KS1  and English Co-ordinator.  She currently teaches our Robin Year 2 class.

Miss J Watts

Miss J Watts is one of our Deputy Heads, KS2 and Maths Co-ordinator.   She currently teaches our Kingfisher Year 3/4 Class.

Mrs S England

Mrs S England is our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

Mrs A Gatward

Mrs A Gatward is our School Business Manager.

Dawn-Moffat-e1352401012969Mrs D Moffat

Mrs D Moffat is our Art and Foundation Stage Co-ordinator and currently teaches our Owl Foundation Class.

Mrs J Anscomb

Mrs J Anscomb currently teaches our Year 5 Osprey Class.

Mrs B Embrey

Mrs B Embrey currently teaches our Starling Year 1 class.

Miss M Dellar

Miss M Dellar currently teaches our Sparrow Year 1 class.

Mrs V McAuley-Eccles

Mrs V McAuley-Eccles  currently teaches our Year 3/4 Kite class.

Mrs D Neal

Mrs D Neal currently teaches our Osprey Year 5 class.

Mr A Reast

Mr A Reast currently teaches our Nightingale Class year 6 class.

Mr L Crabb

Mr L Crabb teaches our Raven year 2 class.

LXPBJHQSTA 004Mrs R Clarke

Mrs R Clarke currently teaches our Starling Year 1 class.

Mrs R Duffett

Mrs R Duffett is our Music Co-ordinator. Mrs Duffett currently teaches our Year 3/4 Kingfisher class.

Mrs-J-SimsMrs J Sims

Mrs J Sims currently provides valuable cover to allow the teachers planning, preparation and assessment time out of the class.

Miss L Freeman

Miss L Freeman

Miss L Freeman currently teaches our Foundation Jay Class.

Mrs J Foster

Mrs J Foster currently teaches our Year 6 Kestrel Class.

 Miss R Thorne

Miss R Thorne currently teaches our Wren 3/4 class.

School Office and Administration

Mrs J Turner & Mrs F Staple – Office Managers

Mrs M Parnham – Finance Manager

Mrs S Else – Inclusion Manager

Miss I Cox – Office Assistant

Teaching Assistants & Mid-day support

Mrs S Bell, Mrs C Butler, Mrs J Bishop,Mrs M Button, Mr O Cooke,  Mrs T Dexter,  Mrs C Hanson, Mrs D Herbert, , Miss C Johnson, Mrs S Johnson ,Mrs S Marshall, Mrs T Pitman, Mrs A Port, Mrs V Shadbolt,

Mrs J Smith, Miss L Tingey and Mrs K Vickers.

   Site Officer

                                                               Mr P Loughran